landscape design

Great landscapes begin with great plans. We start with a listening and exploration process, then we apply our training, experience and creativity to develop your dream landscape.

Working with our design team, you benefit from landscape drawings that clearly show proposed landscape elements, such as terraces, structures and plantings and how they function together to fulfill your needs and maximize the potential of your property.

why start with a landscape design?

  • Your plan takes existing site conditions into account and clearly shows all elements of your proposed landscape.
  • You will see how all the elements work together to maximize the potential of your landscape and your budget.
  • To help establish an accurate budget.
  • To help you work toward your final vision efficiently, even if your project is constructed in phases.
  • Reduces duplication of work in future phases with proper scheduling.

our design process includes:

  • Initial consultation where we meet at your home, cottage or business to discuss your landscape needs.
  • Conducting a thorough site inventory.
  • Conducting and utilizing our site use analysis.
  • Developing design concepts and final plans for your project.
  • Developing construction details.
  • Daily communication with our craftsmen throughout the construction phase.

landscape construction

The finest landscape projects begin with a great plan and come to life with exceptional execution.

Our extensive hands-on experience, along with our superior craftsmanship, allows us to take a well thought out plan and turn it into an outdoor living space that is functional, inspiring and enjoyable for you and your family.

By combining proven construction practices with innovative state of the art materials, we ensure that your landscape will be timeless. We can execute and manage all aspects of your landscape project with exacting standards, because this is what we do best!

Our focus is to create beautiful and functional outdoor spaces, while providing a quality experience for our customers at all times.

our proficiencies

  • Natural stone walks, terraces, steps and retaining walls.
  • Woodworking for decks, privacy screens, cabanas, gazebos and arbours.
  • Outdoor kitchens and entertainment spaces.
  • Engineered precast concrete for paved surfaces and walls.
  • Distinct garden design and planting.
  • Garden restorations.
  • Inground swimming pools, hot tubs and water features.
  • Custom iron work.

We take pride in crafting your landscape vision. So relax and enjoy the benefits of our years of experience.